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Performing Arts


Composer: Dr. Jonas Baes

Dr. Jonas Baes composition “Banwa” (Imagined Community) is a piece about nationhood and the natural environment for ensemble and audience. Four bamboo scrapers (tagutok), solo voice and chorus, with an ensemble of Maguindanao gandingan and agung, Brazilian cuica, and Iron Nail Chimes were played with the audience and with the special participation of musicians, Kanapia Kalanduyan and Eudenice Palaruan.


Thursday, February 26, 4-5PM Composer: Dr. Jonas Baes

Dr. Jonas Baes composition "Aguyoy" (Gentle Wind) is a piece about deforestation and environmental degradation. The audience were invited to perform along with the musicians; they were ask to closed their eyes while playing an iron nail "peace" chimes, an improvised instrument created by the composer himself. With the special participation of the Manila Composers Lab. Bean-pod rattles, bamboo bird flutes, wooden rasps, vocal sounds and Iron Nail “Peace” Chimes were played.


Thursday, March 5, 4-5PM Composer: Dr. Jonas Baes

Dr. Jonas Baes composition “Patangis-Buwaya” (…and the crocodile weeps…) is about indigenous people. Four flutes and Iron-Nail “Peace” chimes were played with the audience and special participation of musician, Conrado del Rosario.


Concert Coordinator: Mary Jeane Egloso

Venue: Jorge B. Vargas Museum, UP Diliman

The festival culminated in a unity concert featuring performances for the environment, created and sung by advocates and friends of the environment.





I. Latag! Buklat! Kuwento! Project Banig X Project Bakawan.

Storytelling session at the Old Stud Farm in UP Diliman Feb 23 (Monday) 3pm.

II. KKK (Kuwentuhan. Karanasan. Kalikasan), a Project Bakawan Travelogue

Excerpt (Test Run): FEBRUARY 22 (Sun) 10am;

Meeting spot: Oblation.

*Adventure Dates (Full Run): MARCH 1 (Sun), 2 (Mon), 4 (Wed) 2pm-4pm Meeting spot: Old Stud Farm.

Project Bakawan invited individuals and communities to weave stories and journey through the different art installations around UP Diliman. They encouraged everyone to discover ecology, the intersections of art and science and to know humanity's relationship to nature through site-specific dance, storytelling, sound, performance, installation, and ritual.

Featured artists: Sipat Lawin Ensemble players Clyde Enriquez, Ness Roque, Sarah Salazar, Meila Romero and JK Anicoche X Julia Nebrija X Al Bernard Garcia X Christopher Aronson X Kulay Labitigan

LIGHT IN ECOSYSTEM, Aze Ong: Performance with Sipat Lawin Ensemble, Daloy Co., UP TUGMA

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