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Renewal of Spaces: Pagkarahay Installation Art

Installation artists from different parts of the country transformed the university grounds of CBSUA with their artworks using found objects and local materials. A total of 16 site-specific art installations were erected in different areas of the university. Most of the artworks were produced with the assistance of student volunteers from CBSUA.

Some the artworks require the direct collaboration of the general public like Hayme Vincent’s installation- “Art Virus”, which spread the creative spirit by encouraging passers-by to make chalk drawings on the sidewalk.

Bantay Organic Garden

by Lito Mondejar

Modejar's work is an assemblage of cutted Pili tree trunks. Its head is inspired from Christmas Island at Totem Pole, and its foot stands for sun rays in the Philippine Flag. This sculpture brighten the mood of the organic garden. And according to the artist, this is his tribute for the guard that is why he called it "Bantay Organiko Garden." (The Guardian of Organic Garden)


by Harold Gomez

According to the artist, it is important to build strong foundation first before erecting walls and bridges to one's self, family, and community.


By Adrian Jay Manuel

This is a warning for all us. In the future, we will have to buy bottled fresh air to live. It will be no difference to bottled mineral water that we buy today. According to Mr Manuel, it is important to know our responsibility to our environment.


By Norbert Friaenza

"Awakening" is an act or moments of becoming suddenly aware of something. The work represents our day to day experience from unconscious to conscious mind, said Mr. Friaenza. The metal figure represents the awakening of the mind and the young seedlings represent the hope to arouse viewers.

Lundong Kabuhayan

By Winston Hernandez

The artist used tent cloth and bamboo sticks in this installation. Tent cloth is used as a protection for rice grains to keep their aromatic fragrance. It is also used by farmers as sun shade when they are taking rest in the afternoon.

In Filipino tradition, the material serves as a cover for mourners during funeral while playing card games and Mahjong. According to the artist, the material is also used to wrap the body of his slain brother.

Lamay ni Ina

By Anton Genosa

Human's fast-paced technological modernization led to the degradation of mother earth. The log in middle of the art installation symbolizes the death of mother nature. The small plant on the left side acts as a symbol for change if we continue plant trees for the next generation.


By Eunice Vergara

The idea was to make an artwork with materials that can be found around the area. As an artist, I am comfortable using industrial materials. I have chosen hose as my main material for the installation. I started by immersing myself in the community and simply letting the process unfold. I eventually explored and experimented wiith the materials and things orginacally developed. As I progressed with the production, the locals expressed that they related my work with luno (snake's skin).

Sagana at Paghilom sa Kalikasan

By Hermisanto

"Una sa lahat ay ang dakilang manlilikha na kung saan nagmula ang kalikasan at pamayanan ngunit ang pamayanan ay maglalaho kung wala ang kalikasan.

Sa ginawa kong instalasiyon ay mayroong bilog na estraktura ng ipa ng palay-- dito galing ang bigas na siyang bumuhay sa ating mga ninuno, sa ating kasalukuyang mamamayan at maging sa darating pang mga panahon. Ang tatlong sako ng palay na nakatindig sa gitna ay mayroong kulay na bughaw, pula at dilaw na simbolo ng ating lahing pilipino. Dito sa mundo ay nakilala ang ating pamayanan na isang bansa ng agrikultura.

Noong una ay hindi pansin ng mamamayan na nasasaktan na pala nito ang kalikasan sa hangarin na magkakaroon ng ibayong kasaganahan. Ang pagkakalason sa lupa at sa hangin ng kalikasan ay nailawaran sa aking instalasyon ng itim na abo ng ipa na nakapaikot patungo ng bilog na estraktura na sumisimbolo naman sa kasaganaan ng ating pamayanan.

Mapalad tayo ngayon at nagkaroon ng mga paaralan ang mamamayan tulad ng Central Bicol State of Agriculture upang ang agrikultura ay magabayan sa wastong pamamamraan tungo sa kaunlaran at upang maiwasan na rin ang pagkasira ng kalikasan" -- HERMISANTO 2018

Building a Concept of Building

By Bokeng Ancanan

This is a ground art installation that utilized old wood and bamboo sticks. It symbolizes the idea of making and creating in which common materials can be used to build an artwork. This is also an example of art-making process in which every material has a function. Mr Ancanan said the art installation is a challenge for artists to examine every creative artwork.

Bring back the Forest

By Ruel Santieices

Since time immemorial, traditional boat building requires plenty of woods, and cutting down trees is unavoidable in the process. Our forests are depleting and the artist's advocacy of saving the remaining watershed compelled him to acquire the skills in fiberglass boat making. He produces more 500 fiberglass boats since then. Patronizing his products is saving mother earth. This Paraw (sailboat) is made up of fiberglass and bamboo is a clear manifestation of bringing back the forests, the flora and fauna that lives within.


By Bobby Balingit and Omni Sarocha

Kabutihang kalooban ang inialay. At tinawag na kaloob. Kung ipagkaloob man ang pag-ibig. Ang katumbas ay puso

Bukas Bughaw Ang Umaga

By Issay Rodriguez

Sa Ilalim ng Ulap ng Kapayapaan

By Herminiglido Pineda

Nandito Ako II, I am Here, Aqui Estoy

By Maria Muñoz

Art Virus

By Hayme Vincent

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