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Luntiang Tabing


Bakawan Cinema screened films focused on environmental concerns, both recent and those from the archives of the UP Film Institute in order to reveal just much - or how little - has changed in representing the environment and its attendant issues.

Distinguished practitioners from the film industry and academe were invited to give talks at the film screenings which were open to the general public.

Luntiang Tabing Film Festival Schedule (March 4-6, 2015)

March 4 Wednesday

MAG-UUMA (FARMER). Performed by Melfe Ebalang from Valencia, Bukidnon

English Translation of 'Mag-uuma' by Anijun Mudan-udan, Julie Lluch

An entire Manobo community flees from their sub-village in San Fernando, Bukidnon to escape being killed by a wave of bombings inflicted by the 8th Infantry Batallion's counter-insurgency operations. They endure fear and hunger for seven days while hiding in the forests of the Pantaron mountain rage.

Direction: Kiri Lluch Dalena Cinematography: Jippy Pascua Sound Recording: Jedd Dumaguina Editing: Anna Isabelle Matutina Music Design: Datu Arellano

March 5 Thursday International Environmental Shorts (2:30 PM)

An artistic project conceived by Japanese artist Yoshinori Niwa, in which he seeks to identify and negotiate with existing landfills to re/name the new land masses created by the waste of Metro Manila.

The film focuses on the artistic activities undertaken by the survivors of the Tohaku earthquake, the tsunami and the partial meltdown of the Fukushima Daichii power plant in March 2011. NICK AND CHAI (7 PM)

A couple from Leyte who are trying to recover after they lost all their four children to Super Typhoon Haiyan/ Yolanda. March 6 Friday CROSS CURRENTS: JOURNEY TO ASIAN ENVIRONMENTS

The documentary took its viewers across five Asian ecological sites namely, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, and Thailand. The documentary is a reminiscent of the concept of tanah air that goes, “If you submerged yourself into the ocean you will hear the voices of our ancestors and you should listen to their wisdom.” With these thought the documentary explores the spirituality and community actions on how to deal with environmental threats; from the Ivatans, natives in the northern Philippines, lakeshore community in Tasik Chini (Malaysia), parts of Yogyakarta, Indonesia to the mountain orchards of Khiriwong (Thailand) and lastly in a farming village in Mukugawa, Japan. They have provided new perspectives on how to approach the environmental problem through their collective spiritual wisdom.

2012/Digital Documentary /72 mins/English Narration w/subtitles

Sc/D: Nick Deocampo; EP: The Nippon Foundation,Tatsuya Tanami, API Regional Committee; AP: Yeoh Seng Guan; PM: Dicky Sofjan; C: Nick Deocampo, Nana Buxani, Matt Sudario, Kaori Fushiki, Inoue Hajime, Muhammad Haris Efendi, Phuttiphong Aroonpheng, Yeoh Seng Guan; E: Phyllis Grande;SE: Nick Deocampo; N: Neneng Arceo; ASc: May Datuin; M: Jeff Hernandez, Nani Naguit, Matt Sudario; CGI: Roy Dadivas MGA ANAK NG UNOS (7 PM)

A documentary following the everyday lives of some Visayan kids in the aftermath of one of the strongest typhoons ever recorded in the Philippines.

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