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*Aninag: (a) to see a glimpse : (b) translucent, allowing light to pass through diffusely

The first cycle of this year's Amuyong Program call themselves Batch Aninag. Batch Aninag is Erika Abe, Billy Bagtas, Kirk Tabanera, Sarah Conanan, and Lance Gomez. According to the artists, they chose the word Aninag* to represent their chemistry, as well as the new endeavor they were about to take in this residency.

At the beginning, they carried with them their individual ideas, styles, and medium. Some, admittedly, described their themes more forbidding and gloomy than others; in return, leading them to resonate with a quality of Aninag--the reactionary relationship between light and dark. A foreshadowing of the bonds between the five artists.

Aninag, to them, also suggests the transformations each one of them will live through in the 7-week residency. Coming into Likhaan, these artists experienced a change in lifestyle, diet, and environment--all designed and arranged to create a holistic approach to their art, selves, and society. There is an anticipated change for these artists. Not only in terms of way of life, but also in the way they view, think, and respond to the world and translate this into art.

View the full Aninag online catalog:


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