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Art Exhibit Opening

Museo De La Salle, a lifestyle museum and Artletics Inc, an artist initiative, launched “Muni-muni sa Museo Art Exhibit” on April 20, 2018, Friday 10 am at the Museo De La Salle, De La Salle University, Dasmariñas, Cavite. The opening of the exhibit was graced by the presence of Cavite Provincial Tourism officer-in-charge Ms. Elinia Imelda Rozelle Sangalang.

This exhibit was the culmination of Muni-muni sa Museo: Talakayan Tungkol sa Sining, Kultura, at Lipunan-- a lecture-forum series that explored the role of art in our culture and society. Artists, art educators and students participated in this three-part series that tackled subjects such as The Power of the Church and State Over Art, The Artist and the Market, and Art in Contemporary Society.

The exhibit featured works by Bokeng Ancanan, Alelia Ariola, Julio Jose Austria, Bobby Balingit, Richard Buxani, PJ Cabanalan, Tednicalao Camahalan, Raphael Carloto, Gerry Castro, Eugene Cubillo, Nobert Frianeza, Alee Garibay, Bam Garibay, Nina Garibay, Ryan Jara, Jonathan Madeja, AJ Manuel, Rodel Medel, Ji-young Parka, Kigao Rosimo, and Rufe.

The Muni-muni sa Museo Art Exhibit is open until June 30, 2018.

Muni-Muni sa Museo is supported by the Metrobank Foundation and National Commission for Culture and the Arts.

Muni-muni sa Museo is a series of art talks and workshops on art, history, and society presented by Artletics, Inc. and Museo De La Salle. This lecture and dialogue series aims to initiate a necessary conversation on the role of art in cultural formation and societal movements.

The exhibited works are listed below:


Bokeng Ancanan

Medium: Talaba Shells Dimensions: 30X20 in

Referring to the Boracay Island of the Philippines, the artwork tackles the current state of beautiful landscapes in the country. The artist embedded Talaba shells against white background in a circular form, which is a reference to scenic beaches in the Philippines.

Silip Medium: mixed media Dimensions: 30X30 in Artist: Alelia Ariola

Seeing as a way to reflect. In Alelia Ariola’s work, viewers can see themselves while looking at the artwork through the mirrors embedded on the glasses’ frame. The artist uses the image of a young Aeta woman and glasses to challenge the viewers on how they see the world and themselves.

Teach Them Young



Artist: Julio Jose Austria

The artwork depicts the favourite pastime of Filipino families: watching together in front of a TV. The rectangle at the centre, in which there is a thick incongruous black splotch, is a reference for the entertainment medium. According to the artist, parents should encourage their children to read more books instead of letting them watch tasteless noon time shows.

Juan Pangk Kolustat

Artist: Bobby Balingit

This artwork is a part of the book "ANG PAGLALAKBAY NI JUAN ISIP: Ang Propaganda ng TrayangulongBaliktad.” It is a series of illustrations that reveals the continuous remembrance of the message.


Artist: Paul John Cabanalan

Cabanalan's work is a maelstrom of images and dizzying lines. But in the midst of this chaos, one that stands out is the cube-shaped object at the centre that is surrounded with spectral characters. Titled “Sagrado,” the artist wants to illustrate the “sacredness” of museums and galleries as a venue for artists to showcase their artworks.

Young Kalinga Warrior

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Dimensions: 30X30 in

Artist: Ted Camahalan

The artist believes that traditional and modern art can be used to convey the beauty of ancestor’s spirit. He hopes that such thought and realization on merging old and new can solicit interest among the youth.

Five More Minutes

Medium: oil on canvas Dimensions: 30X30 in Artist: Bam Garibay

In the age of technology, screen addiction is real. Garibay’s painting depicts a young man trapped infront of his laptop. In the dynamic virtual world, users are plunged into multiple streams of information that they don’t know how escape from.


Medium: Mixed media Dimensions: 30X30 in

Artist: Gerry Castro

This untitled work of Gerry Castro is a myriad of planes in varying sizes and different colours encased in a square-shaped frame at the middle of the canvas. Looking at the artwork challenges viewers to decipher the image at the centre. But according to the artist, “we may begin to see things differently if we stop labelling things that way society has defined them.”

Hermit Medium: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 30X30 in

Artist: Nina Garibay

The artists’ experience is mostly sheltered and isolated. Thus, wondering about the relevance of each work to life happens a lot of times. Looking at beautiful artifacts is always a consolation as they serve as reminders of the important role of artists as conscious/unconscious chroniclers of their time.

Ang Bigat Medium: oil on canvas Dimensions: 30X30 in

Artist: Ralph Carloto

How does an artwork move people to change society? Carloto's illustrates the problems of society that we face today: poverty, rampant killings, police brutality. Thus, it is a challenge for artists to create works that moves people, because artists are not separated from their society.

Changing the Psyche

Medium: Mixed Media Dimensions: 30X30 in

Artist: Eugene Cubillo Cubillo's work is a depiction of the artist's attempt to change the psyche. Such change will hope to manifest on how he acts, how he thinks, how he gives impact, and how he influences others.

W(rest)le Medium: Oil on canvas Dimension: 30X30 in Artist: Alee Garibay

At first glance, Garibay’s work has a peaceful air on it; there’s a group of people sleeping together on a floor after a hard day’s work. Yet seeing them lying together on a cramped space is a depressing image; the artwork invites viewers to see things in a different light.

Syncretism Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Dimensions: 30X30 in

The artwork depicts the fusion and combination of different forms of belief and practice. Such deep sense of tradition in far Philippines influence generally our development as individuals and as a people.

Ngiti sa Mata

Medium: Ballpoint Pen


Artist: Jonathan Madeja

The artist uses black ink to symbolize the trials of Filipino people. According to the artist, even in darkness, the Filipinos find the capacity to always smile because of their positive spirit and resiliency.

Mulat Medium: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 30X30 in Artist: Ji Young Park

Through reflection, one can achieve balance and attain the purest calm. It is when you remove yourself from distractions that you can see the happiness from within. According to the artist, the mushrooms spring under the dead tree is a metaphor for new life and hope.

Resting Place

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 30X30 in

Artist: AJ Manuel

The bustling tree at the foreground is a puzzling image in the midst of barren, gloomy environment. The tree with a shape of woman’s breasts suggests how trees nourish the earth to make it fit for human beings to live. The artwork gives viewer a subtle message to take care of their environment.

The Moon

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 30X30 in

Artist: Ryan Jara

Ryan Jara’s cubist painting depicts a woman in a traditional Filipiniana dress. The painstaking details of the woman’s eyes capture the viewer’s emotion. According to the artist, the painting fondly recall an earlier period when lovers serenade each other under the light of the moon.

Dream Meditation

Medium: Mixed Media


Artist: Rodel Medel

Splayed with intersecting lines and colorful ribbon, the woman on the painting illustrates the changes that happens in life and how one continues to dream and rise up despite the trials in life.

Death Mask

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 30X30 in

Artist: Rufino Gomez

The gold-plated eyes and nose at the center challenges the viewer to contemplate the integrity of the whole painting. In addition, the presence of empty background is somewhat unsettling. Rufe’s work challenges viewer’s perception of completeness.


Medium: Steel on wood base

Dimensions: 11 x 25 x 50 in

Artist: Richard Buxani

Peak Medium: Steel on wood base Dimensions: 12 x 15 x 52 in

Artist: Richard Buxani

Peak 2 Medium: Steel on wood base Dimensions: 12 x 15 x 52 in

Artist: Richard Buxani

Richard Buxani's steel sculptures called arkitektura is started in the late 2017. The series explores perspectives in shaping cityscapes and urban habitats.

Contructed Identity Medium: Resin Artist: Kigao Rosimo

The sculpture is a bust of renowned tattoo artist from Kalinga, Philippines. Whang-od seems be contemplating on something in Rosimo's work. Complete with her iconic tattoos, the artist immortalized the legendary tattoo artist in this sculpture

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