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Films capture the dreams of ordinary people

Night at the Paghilom Arts Camp and Festival was celebrated not only through music and dance but also by film showings and talks. Miller Ursolino and Elvert Bañares were the invited filmmakers. Bañares curated the satellite screening of CinemaKasimanwa Western Visayas Film Festivals for the Paghilom. CinemaKasimanwa was sponsored and supported by Western Visayas Filmmakers Network and the Department of Tourism- Region VI. The filmmakers also shared their artistic process, aspirations, and struggles.

On the first night of the festival, Miller Ursolino took the stage and shared about of how he become a filmmaker. Ursolino was a Theatre major at the Philippine High for the Arts and graduated cum laude from a maritime academy. He has traveled the seven seas as an officer in a shipping company. He learned about film making by watching online video tutorials and from his own experience as an actor. His first film, “Sina Dino at Ang Kanilang Sekreto” won in the Documentary Entry of CineFilipino in 2016. He wanted to explore the secret dreams and melancholy of seafarers, who are separated from their family to earn a living.

Elvert Bañares is a multi-awarded filmmaker, who has gained international recognition. He screened his video art, “Dali Di Hampang Ta” (Come Play with Me) for the Paghilom festival. It portrays the paradox of the forgotten collective memory of the nation and the blind faith that comes with it. He says that this film hopes to stimulate discussions among the viewers, giving them a moment to reflect and take action. Bañares’ art talk was held on the second night (Feb 10, 2017) of the festival.

The films in Traces of Hope: Short Films from Western Visayas encapsulated the notion of hope that comes from different colors, perspective, and treatment. These films allow the viewers contemplate and re-examine their own definitions of hope.

The Western Visayas films are the following:

Ovarian Trilogy

Kyle Fermendoza

Photos from the film showing and talk

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