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Creative Movement and Environmental Talk at Vargas Museum

The Daloy curatorial project included an art workshop and a discussion on the environment to complement the visual arts exhibit.

Dance Workshop

Nejla Yatkin and Daloy Dance Company

February, 5, 2016

1F West Wing Gallery, Vargas Museum

Multi-awarded, German-American choreographer Nejla Yatkin led the Dance workshop. She emphasized how the body naturally responds to the environment through improvisation exercises. Ms. Yatkin was accompanied by the Daloy Dance Co. in demonstrating creative movements.

"Sandali Lang Po! Tahanan Po Namin Ito" (Wait A Minute! This is Our Home)

AG Saño February 12, 2016 1F West Wing Gallery, Vargas Musuem

Water is the central theme of Daloy. It is also one of the essential elements of our world. In his workshop, Filipino artist and environmental activist AG Saño talked about the harmful effects of climate change and how we can save our planet. He encouraged the audience to act in their immediate communities to slow down global warming.

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