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Daloy (Bakawan and Beyond)

February 2015

Jorge B. Vargas Museum, University of the Philippines-Diliman

Physically, water nourishes and destroys. Socially, water divides then unites. Spiritually, it equalizes all mankind as he loses his individuality and ego to attain common goals.

The Daloy Art Exhibit aims to engage artists to dissect, respond to, and expound on the various aspects and issues surrounding Water. Along with the exhibit, there is a lecture and a workshop that are designed for the audience to participate in and have a broader understanding of the issues being raised.

The Daloy is a continuation of of Project Bakawan, an environmental art festival that involved more than a 200 artists and organizations held at the University of the Philippines-Diliman last February 2015. 

This project was curated by Dr. Patrick Flores and Ruel Caasi.


Flow and movement are main themes for the Daloy workshops. They were led by environmental advocate and mural artist AG Saño, multi-awarded choreographer Nejla Yatkin and the Daloy Dance Co. 


More than fifty artists participated in the Daloy visual arts exhibit at the Vargas Museum in UP Diliman. Artists were invited respond to the various issues and aspects of  water.


Daloy ended on a high note with a unity concert at the Vargas Museum grounds. The concert featured music , dance performances and poetry. 


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