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Body + Art

September- October 2015

Every day at least 20 Filipinos are diagnosed with HIV; that is one almost every hour.  Filipinos’ lack of proper awareness of the disease, mainly due to the stigma surrounding it. Sadly, the lack of voices discussing HIV openly in Philippine society is contributing to the silent but rapid spread of the deadly virus. 


Art can enable the viewer to see beyond the victimized or the demonized HIV patient/carrier and recognize them as persons too. Convinced by this belief, Ballet Philippines, the premiere ballet company in the country and Artletics Inc., collaborated to launch Body Positive- dance performance and a touring exhibition for HIV awareness. 


The exhibit opened with the Body Positive dance at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. From there, the exhibit was brought several other venues. Through partnerships with HIV support groups and the health community the group hopes that the exhibits can also be a platform for outreach programs for HIV patients. The touring exhibit hopes to promote a positive and proactive stance towards HIV that comes from proper awareness. 


Artletics partnered with support groups like Pinoy Plus and LoveYourself to give talks on HIV awareness and how to deal with it.


More that 30 artists participated in an art exhibits that aims to generate conversations about HIV in the country. The exhibits were displayed in various venues within Metro Manila.


Members of Daloy Dance Co. and local visual artists held art workshops that complemented the health talks.


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