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We organize art events that involve both the artist and the community.

Create. Engage. Collaborate.
As artists, we believe that we have a role to create works that are not only beautiful but also relevant to our immediate environment. We strive to make projects that can spark conversations regarding social issues.

   To engage and enable the youth to transform their communities through art.


   A trailblazing creative institution that empowers communities through the arts

Artletics enjoins artists to flex their creative muscles and engage in relevant issues and ideas by sponsoring and organizing art exhibits, events, and other venues for artistic expression.  


Watch this video to learn about the roots of the Linangan Art Residency program. Filipino artist Manny Garibay walks you through the timeline: from hosting sports festivals for artists beginning in 2009 to organizing art festivals, workshops, and mentorship programs. We are proud to present this video as a testament to the growing manifestation of our vision for national identity and culture!

Interested in art?
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